Rules & Scoring

Before the Premier:
Before the first Episode, cast in your votes on who you think will be the last 5 girls standing. Visit to see a photo of each potential match and read their profiles to help you pick your top 5. At this time you don't need to put them in order.

Before Episode 2:
You can replace 3 of your 5 picks with new girls/guys. If after the first episode, 4 out of your 5 picks get sent home, you still can only choose 3 new picks.

Before Episode 3:
You have the option of replacing 2 of your picks with new girls/guys. You don't have to replace any of your picks if you do not want to, but if one or more of your picks are sent home you need to replace them.

Before Episode 4:
It's time to take all 5 picks you have and rank them first to fifth place. First place would be girl/guy you fill will win the heart of the Bachelor/Bachelorette.

Before Episode 5 until the final rose ceremony:
The order and picks you chose before Episode 4 are your final and locked in picks for the rest of the season. You can not replace any of your picks, even if they get voted off. Good luck!

Weekly Bonus Points
Every week each player will have the opportunity to win 20 bonus points by answering the weekly bonus point question correctly: "Who will be sent home this week?"

Feel free to change up the weekly bonus question according to each season, or just a more exciting question...
"Who will sing to the bachelor/bachelorette?"
"Who will the outcast?"
"Who storms out?"
"Who kisses the Bachelor/Bachelorette first?"
Ideally, the questions should be answered in that weeks episode. You can watch the preview for the following week's episode where ABC almost always leaves you guessing something, like who was crying to the Bachelor or who stormed out, stuff like that...

Top 5 Points

If you picked the right girl(s) in the correct order you receive points for every correctly placed pick...
1. 800 pts
2. 600 pts
3. 400 pts
4. 200 pts
5. 100 pts

If you picked girls/guys to be in the Top 5, but not in the correct order...
You receive 25 pts for each pick

Choose whatever you'd like for your "buy-in" amount, we started with $10 each player.